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CouponsShed is a platform which is offering the opportunity to earn money on this platform by submitting discounts and coupon codes. This is a simple way to get coupons and discount offers, you should have to join CJ.COM or SHAREASALE.COM. These are the platform where you can find different coupons and discounts from different brands or stores online.

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Submit Coupons FAQ:

Q: The coupon I submitted doesn’t show on your website?

A: We have strict criteria on coupon quality, only those high-quality coupons will be approved and displayed on our site. Your submission could be filtered due to duplication or low quality.

Q: Can I delete or update the coupons I submitted?

A: You can’t do that currently. If there’s any question about the coupons you submitted, please let us know through contact us.

Q: Is there any charge for submitting coupons on your website?

A: 100% Free. Zero Charge.

Q: How long will the coupon I submitted to be displayed on your website?

A: Our specialists will verify and update your coupons, which will take 1 to 3 days. And please note that some submissions cannot be published due to coupon quality, duplication, authority, trustworthiness, and some other reasons.