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– 35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Play The Devil’s Advocate! Prepare for the most chilling and thrilling monologue of your life. Get ready to be astonished by the main character’s psychedelic confessions and judge him yourself. As the narrator begins to talk to you, you become captivated by his thoughts and you cannot see what is right or what is wrong, or what is real and what is not anymore. Our new cine-book format will make you drown in his obsession and see the same things he sees, or, should we say, only one thing…

-35% for CINE-BOOKS "To Build a Fire"

Old-timers of Sulphur Creek advised that no man should travel alone in the Klondike after fifty below. When you sit in your comfy chair in front of a warm fire, you cannot imagine the North and its cold. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be badly prepared and lost in the middle of winter, this story can give you an idea. Together with his dog, a man starts his journey through the wilderness of Yukon and comes face to face with nature…

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "Adam’s Diary"

He’s concrete and practical, blunt and direct. He is happy living in solitude! But then She appears…

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Spider"

Being one of the best psychological horror stories, "The Spider" finds a medical student Richard Bracquemont in the room, which three other people before him couldn?t get out of alive, even though nothing seemed to be wrong at first. Richard keeps telling us about his stay in the Hotel Stevens as he undertakes the investigation of three mystical deaths.

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Monkey’s Paw"

One monkey’s paw. Three wishes. A stark warning from a wise guest. A soldier, upon returning from India, introduces a magical token to a family. The amulet can grant a person any desire! But the consequences will make your blood curdle. As it’s no good to interfere with the laws of fate…

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Gift of The Magi"

Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating . What is a good recipe for a love story? Take a couple madly in love, add some money problems and spice it up with an upcoming Christmas.The Gift of the Magi is a timeless story about sacrifice and love that will never lose its charm and its universal appeal. A beautiful romantic tale that will make you rethink your relationships and force you to go hug the person you love…

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Man Who Could Work Miracles"

Can you create miracles? You don’t think so, do you? George Fotheringay, the English clerk from H.G. Wells novel, used to assume the same about him. Until one evening, he discovers he has unlimited power!

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "The Brave Little Tailor"

"The Brave Little Tailor" by CINE-BOOKS is not just a cartoon fairy tale; it is a film and photo adaptation of the story with highly realistic eye-catching illustrations! The new cine-book format, with its colorful people- and animal-actors, will definitely make your child believe that walking through the woods you can easily stumble upon amazingly huge giants, meet ferocious unicorn that looks extremely real and that there is the danger of being attacked by a huge wild boar.

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-35% for CINE-BOOKS "Hypnos"

What do you see in your sleep? HYPNOS, written by the master of weird fiction, H.P. Lovecraft, whom Stephen King called "the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale", will take you out of this world and bring you somewhere far away from reality. The book is an ambiguous narrative of an artist, who decided to journey through time and space in his sleep and, dare I say, dreamlike tone of this story makes reading much more exciting and thrilling! Impressive illustrations and sound effects will help you…

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